Stores and Inventory Management Screenshots

You can monitor and view items in any department as well as per their categories and sub categories like bar stocks, restaurant stocks, house keeping Items and many others. You can also instantly know the available quantities for each item.
If an item quantity is running low and reaches the re-order quantity level, the software notifies you by highlighting it in red.

The software automates the entire requisition process in the hotel. You can make both internal inhouse store requisitions as well as purchase requisitions. The software also has various requisitions approval levels.

Better still, the software generates Local Purchase Orders (LPOs), Goods Received Notes, Goods Issue Notes and others.
This not only automates and simplifies but also streamlines the entire purchasing process eliminating financial losses due to poor purchasing procedures.

Easily keep track of all items that come into the hotel. The software automatically calculates the input VAT on your purchases to ease the process of claiming it back when filing returns.

You can easily issue and transfer items from one department to another and the software will generate a Stock Issue Note for accountability of the issued items.

The automated item bin cards also called the item stock card track how items are used from the moment of purchase, issue and sale automatically giving you the quantity that should be in stock in any department at any time.
With the Karibu Hotel Management Software, you are in charge of your stocks and you can easily identify and control pilfrages within your business.

The software even keeps track of all stock adjustments especially after stock taking within the different departments helping you identify areas of item misuse.