Front desk screenshots

The front desk module has an easy to use drag and drop rooming calendar showing all your guests and their reservations like confirmed reservations, checked in rooms, checked out rooms and available rooms throughout the year. You can simply drag a guest from one room to another or even extend their stay right from the calendar. With the calendar, you can instantly know which rooms are available on any day of the year.

Managing your reservations is as simple as it should be. With just a click, you can access your returning guest's information including their preferences to make their check-in process and stay with you more comfortable. You can also easily email your clients' reservation confirmation notices with one click.

Intergrated with the house keeping, as you assign a guest to a room, the software shows the housekeeping status of the room to avoid checking your guests into dirty rooms. You also need not worry about double booking the same room as the software will alert you in case the room is already booked.
You can add your guests photos /IDs using your computer webcam or scanner. You can also add a guest notification that will trigger an alarm at the set time.

The software generates guest check-in cards or guest registration forms with all the guest details. Your guests simply sign without having to spend time at the reception especially in case of returning guests. Likewise, it also generates guest check-out forms.

Managing your clients' extras couldn't be any easier. With the Karibu Hotel Management Software, all your clients' extra services are managed on the same folio making it easy to track their payments since they are automatically added to the clients overall bill

Even bills from the points of sale like the restaurant are automatically posted to the client folio from the point of sale.

The software automatically generates client quotations, invoices, receipts and guest bills that can be converted to any currency with a single click. This is a great feature especially for your international clients. You can even generate individual guest bills in case of group reservations.
Just like all the other Karibu Hotel Management Software modules, the entire frontdesk accounting is automated and all entries are automatically posted to the final accounts like the balance sheet.

The software generates rooming list reports showing the total number of guests per meal plan (arrow 1) and the total number of rooms occupied on any day. (arrow 2). This is helpfull in planning and budgeting guest meals avoiding wastages.

The house keeping module is used by the house keeper to update all the rooms in the hotel after housekeeping. The house keeping room status is intergrated with the reservations to avoid checking guests into unready rooms. Added to that, the house keeping module alerts you in case of any un-matching room statuses with the frontdesk e.g. in case the house keeper finds the room occupied while the frontdesk reported it as vacant.

With just a few clicks,you can instantly know all your available rooms on any given dates helping you better plan for your future client reservations.