Points of Sale Screenshots

The Points of Sale module manages all your hotel's points of sale like restaurants, bars e.t.c. There are no limits to the number of Points of Sale.
This module also manages the laundry sales services in the hotel
The software is compatible with both desktop computers and touch screen monitors. Waiters can even use tablets to take client orders. All the personell working in the Points of Sale have their own login usernames and passwords.

To ensure accountability for all the items issued to a point of sale, when entering the menu into the software, you have to enter the ingredients and the portioning used when preparing each menu item. Therefore, each time the item is sold in the point of sale, the system will identify all the inputs used and the quantity will automatically reduce from the store. The software also calculates the costs of all the menu items and the profit margins. This helps you know if you need to adjust your prices for better returns as well as control misuse and pilferage in the point of sale.

You can easily create and customise your hotel menus. The selling interface is very easy to use even for persons with no prior computing knowledge. On selecting any category, all items in that category will be displayed. (arrow 2)

The points of sale module is interconnected with the inventory module and the software will alert you incase the recipe ingredient used to prepare the item you are selling is running low in that point of sale store.

The software generates kitchen order tickets (K.O.Ts) and you can even add client specifications (arrow 1). Incase you have a printer in the kitchen, the K.O.T can be printed directly in the kitchen. Alternatively, the K.O.T can be printed from the restaurant printer and manually taken to the kitchen by the waiter.

To minimise billing errors, the software automatically generates client bills with even a provision for resident guests whose bills are to be charged to their rooms.

You can instantly process cash sales, complementary sales, charge to room and charge to event sales and even credit sales with just a click. You can also track and manage in-house guests' meal plans

The module is also interlinked to the front desk module and in case of a charge to room bill, the software will display all the guests checked in the hotel. On posting the bill to the room, it will automatically be added it to the client's bill at the front desk.

In case an employee takes the item on credit, the module interlinks with the human resource module and and you can easily post the bill to the employees' account. You can even post the employee's credit amount to the payroll in the accounts module. You can also offer credit to other clients or organisations that have been approved by the accounts department.

Waiters can keep track of the preparation progress of the orders they sent to the kitchen in case the chef has a computer. The chef can also view the kitchen orders' details as well as the recipe quantities of the items he is preparing.

The Karibu H.M.S also manages all your client reservations in the points of sale like table reservations, dinner reservations and others. The software manages clients' payment deposits, menu item requests and even has reminders to remind the point of sale personnel about upcoming reservations so as to start preparing in time.

Easily manage health clubs' memberships and subscriptions. With Karibu, you can create multiple membership packages, manage client subscription payments. You can also generate entry cards for clients whenever they come to use the services. The software automatically blocks members with expired subscriptions basing on their number of appearances or after a specified date.